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I was born in Sichuan , China and studied landscape architecture in Soochow University and graduated in 2012.

After working in architecture for a short time, I started my work as a curator assistant in an art gallery in China. Through it, I encountered many Christian artists and seeing how they use art to share their faith, hope and love, I became impressed and inspired to emulate their example. During the time I worked in the gallery a little seed to become an artist myself was planted in my heart without me knowing precisely when or how.


In 2015 I was given the chance to come and work for the gallery in Florence, Italy. At the same time I began taking some workshops at the Florence Academy of Russian Art which enabled me to step out and pursue the dream to be an artist. In 2016, I received a scholarship from the academy and with a strong calling and love I enrolled to be a full time student in the academy to pursue more professional training.


As an artist I also believe that art is both a spiritual and creative process. I have a strong desire to keep exploring the mystery of creation, the human body and nature, and to discover the beauty of God that every heart yearns for and with the hope to share this beauty with everyone.